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Manufacturer: Zeltex Inc.


ZX-440 XL -  NEAR INFRARED GASOLINE/DIESEL FUEL ANALYZER Part No: ZX440XL For Simple Measurement The ZX-440 XL Liquid Fuel Analyzer utilizes highly accurate near-infrared spectroscopy for routine constituent analysis and is less costly and easier to use than larger more bulky fuel analyzers. The ZX-440 XL accurately analyzes gasoline, diesel fuel, motor oil, and otherContinue Reading

Zeltex Inc. ZX-101XL Portable Octane / Cetane Analyzer

Responding to the suggestions of  customers, Zeltex, Inc. has introduced the ZX-101XL, combining the proven track record of the ZX-101 line with the improvements suggested by you the customer. The ZX-101XL can tell you if you are reading Gasoline or Ethanol Blended Fuels helping you quickly measure any kind of fuel where you need itContinue Reading